Check Ductwork Before Winter Arrives

Most homeowners have their forced-air heating systems checked before the cold weather arrives. However, not many people think about the ductwork (the channels that spread the heat from the furnace throughout the rest of the home.) There are three basic reasons to check out your ductwork:


Duct Maintenance

Maintain your ductwork to reduce dust, save money, and improve the comfort and consistency of your indoor air quality.

Dust: You get extra dust in the house even though you are changing the furnace filters each month. Many Aire Serv locations have a duct-cleaning machine, comprised of a rotary brush and vacuum system, to clean the dust out of the ductwork.

Wasting energy: Go into your attic or basement, push back the insulation and put your hand where the boot (ductwork) meets the grill into a room. If you feel warm air at the seam, heat is leaking into an unintended area. The gaps need to be sealed up to enable the treated air to reach its destination—conserving your energy costs.

Hot and cold spots: When one room is a different temperature than another, this typically means you need to have your ductwork redesigned to distribute equal warmth throughout the house or incorporate zoning for maximum comfort. Ten to 20 percent of heat loss in a home can be attributed to ductwork that was not properly installed. Aire Serv recommends insulating the ducts in areas such as the attic, basement, crawl space and garage. Then the warm air that passes through the ductwork will more accurately retain the heat in order to better heat the living areas.

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