Could the Air in Your Home Make You Sick?

Poor air quality in a home or business can aggravate asthma and lead to flu-like symptoms for people breathing it regularly. Daily vacuuming and dusting help keep larger dust particles under control, but these specks of dirt and dander are not the source of misery for most people. The smallest particles cause the most irritation, and these can only be removed with filtering devices.

Not addressing an issue with poor air quality could decrease the health of your family, result in unpleasant odors, and has the potential to decrease the air ventilation in your home, leading to other problems.

Causes of Poor Air Quality

Smoking inside, poor ventilation of outdoor air, indoor pets, unvented stoves, fireplaces, and the use of cleaning products and pesticides are some of the causes of indoor air problems.

What can you do, and how can Aire Serv help?

Follow these tips to improve your indoor air quality!

Follow these tips to improve your indoor air quality!

Our highly trained technicians can identify sources of these tiny particles, and will work with you to develop solutions that allow you to breathe easy. View some services we offer for indoor air quality.

Possible Solutions

» Home Air Filters – Remove dust particles from the air circulated around the house
» Home Air Purifiers – Remove dust particles, microbes and toxic chemicals
» Air Duct Cleaning – We can inspect and clean your duct work, if needed